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European: Haomarush (PvP)
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Welcome to the home of <U R NOT REPAIRED>

PVE Guild of Haomarush EU

Reformed guild for Cataclysm content. We aim to attack Blizzard entertainments new area's and achieve in PVP and PVE. We are a PVE guild primarily and attack the content at an average pace. Therefore we are niether Social or Hardcore. More a group of selected players and friends that make the game fun, enjoyable, progressive and of course Competative amongst friends.
Feel free to have a look through our homepage. If you are intereted in joining our ranks you can refer to "Forum section" and "Recruitment home page".

!!A few of us have taken part in the Cataclysm beta so we will be able to make a good start!!

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Cataclysm news

Killna, Sep 28, 10 5:33 PM.

Rumored Cataclysm release date to be delayed til December

Posted On September - 27 - 2010

WoW Cataclysm Header

With rumors originally pegging World of Warcraft’s Cataclysm release on November 2nd, another curve ball has been thrown into the mix. That curve ball comes in the form of inside info” from MMO-Champion’s Boubouille saying that Cataclysm’s release is being pushed back until early December, either the 7th or 14th. The good news is that the cataclysm, leading to the change in the World of Warcraft as we know it, will occur prior to the release of Cataclysm to allow for people to see and presumably get used to the new changes prior to purchasing the expansion. Remember, these are only rumors; Boubouille originally came up with the November 2nd date and has been fairly spot on with his predictions in the past.

Moving toward the meatier information concerning Cataclysm, in the current beta build, portals have been removed and replaced by class trainers in Dalaran and Shattrath. Why? I’m not sure other then probably because Blizzard doesn’t want players to set their hearth to Dalaran or Shattrath and be able to easily move around Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms, unless of course you’re a mage. Damn mages and their portals.

Also released in the current beta build are the valor point and justice point rewards, tier 11 armor sets, and pvp rewards. Valor point rewards, the higher tier points gained only from raids, will offer a few non set pieces such as boots, trinket, cloaks, rings, and relics. All of them are epics at item level 359. The justice point rewards will allow level 85 players to deck themselves out in what looks to be decent blue quality ilevel 346 gear. The justice points can be acquired through heroic dungeon. Players will be able to purchase their tier11 gear for a combination of a token, dropped from raid bosses, and with valor points. I do have to say it’s really scary that all chest, head, and leg pieces come with 512 stamina each. The pvp gear is fairly straight forward; arena season 9 will be the year of the Vicious Gladiators. If you would like to see the actual items and stats head over to MMO-Champion as they have a list of all the items. It’s going to take me forever to get used to gear not actually having spell power as a stat.

All the ninja raiders!

Killna, Sep 14, 10 7:37 PM.

U R Not Repaired Has been Resurrected!!

Killna, Aug 10, 10 11:19 PM.
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